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Downtown Santa Monica • Third Street Promenade


The city of Downtown Santa Monica gathered on Third Street Promenade to celebrate the public street's 25th anniversary as an international retail, dining, and entertainment destination.

Before the Promenade’s conception in 1989, indoor malls were the only model. A group of Westside visionaries saw Downtown Santa Monica’s potential in becoming an outdoor shopping destination, and after a bold community effort,Third Street Promenade was realized. It has since become the international model for downtowns around the world. Our job was to tell the story.


As the district's agency of record, JWA coordinated the message through a summer-long series of events, backed by key art and a new campaign tagline for the Promenade. Our objectives:


  • Celebrate the importance of the history and people behind the bold project.

  • Establish its wordly identity as the downtown model for outdoor public shopping streets.

  • Unite locals in a series of community events! 


Key Art


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