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Wild Barn Coffee Introduces 'Sunshin Brigade' 12. oz Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

Wild Barn Coffee Introduces 'Sunshin Brigade' 12. oz Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee


Exclusively for Sale at

Boulder, Colorado (August 28, 2020) - Wild Barn Coffee, led by the adventure-seeking duo Jenny Verrochi and Alyssa Evans, quickly established itself as a coffee company on a mission to capture the spirit of the Rockies when they launched their first product, Nitro Cold-Brew Coffee in a can. Featuring a quick boost of organic energy made only with coffee beans, cacao nibs and goji berries, the ice-cold cans were a quick hit with adventurists and coffee purists alike. Today, Wild Barn Coffee announces its second product, Sunshine Brigade - a 12 oz. bag of whole bean, medium roast coffee that will be sold exclusively on (

Like their original cold-brew, the new Sunshine Brigade is organic and certified fair trade. According to Verrochi, “Sunshine Brigade is a coffee that is meant to be sipped amongst friends wherever their happy place roams.” With a medium roast blend that features a flavor profile described as “Cacao Nibs, Apple, Herbs and Sunshine,” Sunshine Brigade uses the same beans as their cold-brewed coffee, but the new hot-brew mix has a stronger, bolder taste. “We decided to launch as a whole bean only because we find the action of grinding coffee to suit the brewing method most satisfying,” adds Evans. “Although it’s slightly more work, it will provide a much higher quality cup of coffee and we have no doubt it will warm you up on a cold camping morning.”

Featuring beans produced at a carbon neutral process facility in the Yoro Biological Corridor in Central America, Wild Barn Coffee partners with Cafe Solar ( to source and secure the beans to formulate their distinct recipe. Obtaining from Café Solar guarantees that each purchase of a Wild Barn Coffee product supports the introduction of solar/biofuel processing and forest-friendly coffee plantations in harmony with tropical forests and the four national parks within the Yoro Biological Corridor.

While the beans and their origin are the key reasons Wild Barn Coffee (whether hot or cold) delivers a smooth, bold coffee blend, another key differentiator is the spirit in which the coffee is made. “We choose to believe that our coffee products are part of our customers adventure loving lifestyle (or the one they aspire to be living),” explains Verrochi. “We’ve actually put the story of Sunshine Brigade right on the package because we know that a cup of coffee can be transformational—or at the very least, aspirational. The story as we see goes like this:

"You wake to the roar of the camp-stove firing up; someone’s boiling water for coffee. Hot coffee. Stretching from your sleeping bag, eyes still closed, you take a cool breath and whisper, “hell yeah." You slept outside your tent last night because the stars were too good for that nylon prison. Yeah, you might be a little hung over from the campfire conga line, and there might still be frost on the ground... but fear not! For the sun will soon rise over the canyon walls and blast your camp with magical energizing beams of sunshine. All you need now is to fill your tin cup and start your adventure. This coffee is meant to be sipped amongst friends wherever your happy place roams.”

Wild Barn Coffee’s Sunshine Brigade is now available exclusively at Wild Barn Nitro Cold-Brew can be purchased both online at as well as stores in Boulder, CO.

For more information about Wild Barn Coffee or to purchase Nitro Cold Brew, please visit:


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