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Recal Launches as Remedy for Stress and Burnout Combining Nature, Physical Activity and Mindful Prac

MINDFUL ADVENTURE TRAVEL COMPANY PUTS FOCUS ON TOTAL MIND+BODY FITNESS EXPERIENCES RECAL Launches as Remedy for Stress and Burnout Combining Nature, Physical Activity and Mindful Practice

Fall/Winter 2021-22 Trips Announced Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2021-Rafting/Mountain Biking: Charlemont, MA Oct.-Nov., 2021-Backpacking/Rafting: Utah Backcountry (custom dates available) January 22-29, 2022-Kayak Camping Adventure: Florida Everglades

Minneapolis, MN (July 19, 2021) - Recal, a new travel company that specializes in mindful adventure travel and curated outdoor experiences, is on a mission to enhance the growing popularity of adventure travel by adding in another crucial component to the experience: Mindfulness. Recal (short for Recalibrate) was conceptualized to not only provide access to amazing outdoor journeys across the country, but to also help reduce the high levels of stress in our lives with a roadmap to overcome fatigue and burnout. By combining adventure in the outdoors with mindful practices and experiences, Recal travelers are able to celebrate the great outdoors and center themselves, renew their sense of energy, and attain a recalibrated mindset.

Charlemont, MA

With a mission to solve the fast-growing health and wellness problems caused by overwork, fatigue and stress, Recal created a new model dubbed “Mindful Adventure Travel.” The concept is simple, but to date, overlooked. Moving past just a focus on nature and high physical activity, Recal develops a mindfulness-based itinerary for each trip that incorporates time to rejuvenate both the mind and body. With a belief that to get the most out of a trip, mindfulness elements are just as crucial as the physical aspects, Recal incorporates activities such as:

  • Journaling

  • Meditation Practices

  • Yoga (on top of the daily physical challenges like paddling, hiking, biking, etc.)

  • Deep Breathing Exercises

In addition to a focus on mindful practices during the actual trip, Recal provides pre and post journey recommendations and guidelines to calibrate the mind and body before and after the trip to ensure that the practices learned on the trip continue long after it ends. The ultimate goal for anyone who attends a Recal trip is to improve total mind+body fitness.

Utah Backcountry

In order to constitute a truly mindful adventure, Recal’s core belief is that a trip must be completely immersed in nature, utilize local guides (enabling travelers to focus on their own experience and not self-guiding), span multiple days, and entail a high level of physical activity. Each Recal trip is hosted by a curated group of independently owned and operated, racially inclusive, and sustainability-minded outfitters.

Recal as a company focuses on mindfulness and physical activity but has additional, unique core values. These include a commitment to radical honesty in the way they conduct business, an increase in racial equity in the outdoor industry (with a goal of 25% minority traveler base by 2025), and to work exclusively with independently owned and operated outfitters that share their passion for environmental sustainability.

Upcoming Trip Information: Massachusetts/Charlemont: Utah/Backcountry: Florida/Everglades: For Recal founder Anthony Lorubbio, the negative effects of work-induced burnout hit close to home. “I used to think my stress at work would never catch up to me… like I was immune to that kind of fatigue,” he notes. “I was very wrong. At the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to take a moment, step back, and ultimately find a solution to overcome my struggle with burnout. At that point in time, the only thing I could think of doing was something that, luckily, has always been my escape: work my body into a good sweat and immerse myself in nature. It wasn’t easy… and I’m not just talking about the physical part. The mental aspects like journaling and meditating were just as challenging. It was on my own personal journey that I developed the concept of Recal. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are a major problem, and using mindful adventure travel to overcome them is something we want to share with the world.” Recal’s guided trip options, which span three to eight days depending on itinerary, are available online at Prices range from $595 to $1,950. All Fall/Winter 2021-22 trip options are based in the U.S.


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