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Non-Profit CORE Launches New Podcast Titled COREcast – Created and Hosted by Student Scholars

Non-Profit CORE Launches New Podcast Titled COREcast – Created and Hosted by Student Scholars

Youth Driven Journalism Explores Timely Topics Including the Election and Covid-19

LAS VEGAS (October 30, 2020) - Las Vegas based non-profit CORE has launched a new podcast. COREcast ( designed, driven, and delivered by the CORE student Scholars. COREcast has been created to foster youth driven journalism that contributes to the media landscape with a positive message rooted in the program’s “DO GOOD THINGS” philosophy.

In each 40-minute episode, a group of Scholars explores a different topic that is important to youth and the community. The inaugural episode tackled the Covid-19 pandemic and how Scholars have been impacted and are navigating the challenges of distance learning and more.

The current episode centers on the topic of the election and discusses the issues that are most compelling to the Scholars. For this timely episode, the Scholars spoke with five different young voters ranging in age from an 18-year-old first-time voter to 31. The issues that resonated the most for this group included healthcare, immigration, climate change, the economy, and human rights.

“It’s so impactful for these Scholars to explore these weighty topics and is even more compelling for the audience to discover views on these issues as experienced through the lens of our youth,” said Joseph Kennedy, Outreach Manager and Facilitator of COREcast. “In addition to creating a communication platform that is in a relevant format for them, these Scholars also get firsthand journalistic experience in creating a podcast from scratch.”

Leading up to the episode Scholars go through a three to four-week series of meetings aimed at giving them hands-on experience at developing communication media with a journalistic voice from the ground up.

“I liked listening and learning and preparing for the podcast,” said CORE Scholar and podcast co-host Jenifer, 17. “I enjoyed being in-studio and having conversations, sharing ideas and knowing that what we are saying is reaching a wider audience.”

Co-host Scholar Esme, 17 agreed. “I like talking and learning about subjects that are important and discovering and exploring all the different points of view,” she said. “Young adults are the next generation of leaders and what we have to say is important. It feels good to use our voices to take action.”

Take a listen to the election-focused episode available now at, and add COREcast to your queue on your favorite listening service. COREcast can now be found on Spotify, Stitcher, and Buzzsprout.


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