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Local Education Non-Profit CORE Launches CORE We CanMonthly Giving Program Supports College Savings

Local Education Non-Profit CORE Launches CORE We Can Monthly Giving Program Supports College Savings for Scholars

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 27, 2022) – Recently named Non-Profit of The Year and an Angel Award recipient, education non-profit CORE has launched a new monthly giving program specifically to support college savings accounts (CSA) for CORE Scholars. With a mission to ensure that historically underserved students and their families achieve economic mobility and lead choice-filled lives, every single dollar donated through the CORE We Can Monthly Giving Society goes toward providing the Scholars with a $250 scholarship to their CSA for every year they complete with CORE. According to Financial Outcomes in a Child Development Accou

nt Experiment from Washington University, even with a savings of less than $500, a child is 25% more likely to enroll in college or trade school and 64% more likely to graduate than a child with no savings account. "Even $1 can help change someone's life. Because with your $1, combined with everyone else's $1, we have the opportunity and privilege to help Scholars pursue their post-secondary education goals, thus allowing them to live choice-filled lives long after CORE," said Executive Director Jeff Jones. "The work doesn't stop after graduation and it's our responsibility to ensure that these kids have everything they need to be successful." The CORE We Can Monthly Giving Society helps make certain that CORE can provide needed support to its Scholars to pursue their post-secondary goals, aid in the pursuit of economic mobility and equity for Scholars and their families, continue in the fight for educational equity for all students, encourage student success through self-exploration and ultimately ensure that the Scholars and their families can pursue choice-filled lives. “What I love about CORE’s monthly giving society is that it really demonstrates that by working together, we can clearly show our scholars that we believe in them, their families, and their dreams,” said Development Director Jordan Ashley Berkowitz. To join the CORE We Can Monthly Giving Society or to learn more information, visit About CORE CORE, powered by The Rogers Foundation, believes all children and families have the right to reach their full potential and pursue individual success. With a mission to empower, enrich and educate underserved children to lead choice-filled lives, the non-profit is a long-term, two-generational after-school and weekend program that focuses on the individual needs of each student scholar and their family. For more information, follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit


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