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Education Non-Profit CORE Relaunches Career We Can Community Partnership Program – Seeks Group Mento

Education Non-Profit CORE Relaunches Career We Can Community Partnership Program – Seeks Group Mentors, Guest Speakers, Workplace Tours, and More

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 2, 2023) – Dedicated to ensuring historically-underserved students and their families achieve economic mobility and lead choice-filled lives, education non-profit CORE is relaunching its popular and impactful Career We Can workplace partnership program. Originally introduced in 2018, the Career We Can program has ignited students’ passions for a variety of career fields, given many opportunities for internships, and provided life preparedness that encourages and allows CORE scholars to achieve their dreams. CORE is currently seeking career-minded volunteers to share their fields and career journey with program participants in a variety of ways including as a group mentor, guest speaker, panelist, workplace tour guide, and more. To get involved or learn more, visit and fill out the Career We Can Partner Survey. Mentor the Scholars A Career We Can mentor meets with a group of scholars to help them explore career pathways and new areas of thought, knowledge, and opportunity. Mentors work with their group collaboratively to set specific goals, decide what actions must be taken to reach those goals, and guide the Scholars to make good decisions and achieve their objectives. Inspire the Scholars Career We Can partners can share their life and career journey with the Scholars as a guest speaker. CORE scholars want to hear about career pathways and learn about the road taken that has led to you overcoming obstacles and being successful. Host the Scholars Career We Can partners can also open your organization’s office for a day to host high school students from CORE. This opportunity gives the Scholars the chance to explore potential career fields, meet industry professionals, and open doors to new possibilities. Career We Can hosts may choose to give a guided tour of your company or organization, hold an employee panel discussion to share perspectives and work experiences, or coordinate job shadowing opportunities for an in-depth look into different positions. “This program is a win-win for the companies in our community and for our young people,” said Jeff Jones, Executive Director of CORE. “Our Scholars are excited to learn about a wide variety of professions and industries. The Career We Can program provides an opportunity for our student Scholars to discover different career paths and prepare them for meeting the challenges of the next generation of Southern Nevada.” About CORE CORE, powered by The Rogers Foundation, believes all children and families have the right to reach their full potential and pursue individual success. With a mission to empower, enrich and educate underserved children to lead choice-filled lives, the non-profit is a long-term, two-generational after-school and weekend program that focuses on the individual needs of each student scholar and their family. For more information, follow us on Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram, or visit


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