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Bel Lavoro olive Orchards Announces First Batch Of Artisan Cut186 Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Sale An


Family-owned Orchard in Montecito, Calif., Delivers Collection of Organic Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Teas Fueled by Natural Spring Water

Mother’s Day/First Time Buyer Promotion: Receive 20% Off upon Check-out.

Montecito, Calif. (May 5, 2020) - From the accomplished chef to the new stay-at-home cook, finding the best organic ingredients is key to any successful meal preparation, and after the stress of cooking takes it toll, these same kitchen warriors are seeking a calming, moment to bask in their glory. Today, Bel Lavoro, an artisan olive tree orchard set in the perfect micro-climate in the hills above Santa Barbara, Calif. announces the launch of two products that provide a solution for both needs: Cut1886 Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Steep Echo Tea. To celebrate the launch, those seeking a last-minute Mother’s Day gift or a gift for themselves can receive 20% discount upon check-out.

To find Bel Lavoro, one must venture onto a winding road leading to a hideaway and homestead that features over 350 olive trees growing naturally on the hills above the not-to-distant sea below. It is in this picturesque location that nature has delivered a well-spring that ends its journey at the orchard’s doorstep. Combined with a grow-friendly climate that mixes cool ocean breezes with the warm sunlight, Bel Lavoro finds itself in the exact right spot in which to create the organic olives that have become the main ingredient in its two new artisan, olive-based products.

Cut1886 Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Now ready to deliver its first exclusive batch of 2500 cold-pressed bottles for sale, Cut1886 has been blended by a Master Miller to extract the most beautiful flavor profiles and colors from the trees. Medium bodied with a mix of herb and nut flavors and a touch of spice, the oil is perfectly balanced, crafted from a small batch and in limited quantities based on the fruit yields and the health of the trees. The orchard is comprised of three varietals, Manzanilla, Chemlali and Arbquina.

  • Manzanilla - The largest and most historical orchard. A beloved Spanish varietal, with a full-bodied and robust flavor.

  • Chemlali - The newest and most exciting orchard is the prized Chemlali. A native of the Mediterranean coastal regions, this variety of olive oil is rarely found in the United States. These trees thrive in the orchards due to the similarities between the Mediterranean and the micro-climates of Santa Barbara.

  • Arbequina - Another Spanish legacy, these adaptable and hardy trees produce a deep brown, highly aromatic olive, with a mild buttery flavor and hints of fruit. This little orchard acts as a cross-pollinator for the Manzanilla and Chemlali and when coupled with Bel Lavoro bees, creates a healthy and serene environment for the orchards and oil to flourish.

Steep Echo Tea:

Steep Echo is a collection of the finest all natural olive leaf teas. Each of the teas brings together hand-harvested organic olive leaf with a collection of natural botanicals curated by the best artisans in the trade. The fusion of these ingredients thoughtfully present a rare blend of detail, depth and nuance that elevates each flavor and accentuates the health benefits of the olive leaf.

Featuring five caffeine free blends (Tend, Ascent, Bloom, Hush and Repose) that have been tailored to match any moment. Steep Echo is one of very few tea makers worldwide to exclusively use the olive leaf for its production.

  • Tend – A detoxifying blend, it features: Organic Olive Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Corn Silk, Couch Grass, Natural Mango Flavor, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Caffeine Free Green Tea, Stevia.

  • Ascent – Ideal for daily drinking, it features: Organic Olive Leaf, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Monk Fruit Flavor

  • Bloom – An immune boosting blend, it features: Organic Olive Leaf, Peppermint, Echinacea Root, Licorice Root, Thyme, Rosemary, Natural Cranberry Flavor

  • Hush – An aid for digestion, it features: Organic Olive Leaf, Ginger, Peppermint, Papaya Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Natural Maple Flavor

  • Repose – A calming blend, it features: Organic Olive Leaf, Chamomile, Linden Flower, Passion Flower, Natural Rose Flavor, Rose Petal

Owned and operated by the Branum family, Bel Lavoro was purchased sight unseen by this then Seattle-based family in 2010, and upon their first visit, the Branum’s discovered that olive trees surrounded their new home. After years of research, education and trial (and error), Kimberly Branum and her son Brandon dedicated themselves to developing products that are harvested by hand through timeless practices. Their calling has become their occupation and today they are ready to share the fruits of the labor: a collection of the finest organic teas and oils, drawn from fruits, vegetables and herbs irrigated by natural spring water.

For More information about Bel Lavoro and their brands visit:

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