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Skye Canyon Presents: Skye & Stars (Driveway Edition) On World Astronomy Day, May 2, 2020


Second Event in the Thrive@Skye Series to Feature a Live Broadcast via YouTube Live

Stay at Home Stargazing Expedition Presented with the

Las Vegas Astronomical Society

LAS VEGAS (April 25, 2020) – A reinterpreted version of Skye Canyon’s already popular Skye and Stars event is set for World Astronomy Day on Saturday, May 2. Re-created as an opportunity for families to continue their love of stargazing, the new “Driveway Edition” encourages residents to have a nighttime picnic from the driveway while participating in the event all together - yet still apart.

A favorite event for Skye Canyon residents for the past four years, the updated concept will expand the boundaries so that all Las Vegas residents can participate. This new version of the beloved event will feature a live-streamed virtual guided tour through the night sky led by Keith Caceres, president of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Caceres and his team will share live photos from their own powerful telescopes, focus on unique stars and constellations in that night’s sky and provide factoids for all “at home” astronomers.

In an effort to bring the event to all potential stargazers, Skye Canyon and the Las Vegas Astronomical Society will broadcast the event via YouTube Live beginning at 8:30 p.m. This special night sky viewing party will feature insights, tutorials and fun facts.

Some highlights of the sky tour will include:

  • The Moon, The planet Venus and prominent constellations and stars visible in the sky on that night, including: Orion, Ursa Major (The Big Bear, containing The Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (The Little Bear, containing The North Star and Little Dipper)

In addition to the live-streamed tour, Caceres and team will share a recorded and more comprehensive tutorial including their Astrophotography. This will include past images of spectacular space spectacles such as: Orion Nebula (M42), Great Globular Star Cluster in Hercules (M13), and a pair of galaxies 12 million light-years away that are gravitationally bound to each other: M81 Bode's Galaxy and M82 The Cigar Galaxy.

“Skye & Stars is Skye Canyon’s most popular event and we didn’t’ want to miss the chance to celebrate the stars and galaxies this year,” said DeCourcy Graham, Chief Marketing & Development Officer at Olympia Companies. “We are excited to not only share this incredible evening with the residents of Skye Canyon, but to all of Las Vegas with our new live-stream format. Partnering with Las Vegas Astronomy Society to give attendees a fun, memorable, and educational evening is something we aim for in every event we organize.”

For more information about how to join the live-stream event on May 2nd, visit for details.

Las Vegas Astronomical Society is a nonprofit organization of amateur astronomers that was formed to promote astronomy in Southern Nevada for the sole purpose of educating and sharing their passion with those who have an interest in astronomy. They hold regular meetings, observation gatherings; offer educational opportunities and services to schools and youth science programs, service agencies, and other organizations.

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