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Studio DMI's Luca Pretolesi Claims Victory at 30th Golden Melody Awards

Grammy Award-winning engineer and Studio DMI's co-founder Luca Pretolesi picked up two Golden Melody Awards on Saturday for his work on Jolin Tsai's 14th studio album "Ugly Beauty," which took home the trophy for Album of the Year and Song of the Year - awarded to the album's hit single "Womxnly." The Taiwanese dance-pop sensation entered the competition with a leading seven nominations overall including three up for grabs by Pretolesi and Studio DMI. The awards mark Pretolesi's first GMA wins.

"By making this album, I discovered my most authentic self," Tsai said as she received the Album of the Year award.

Released in December of 2018, "Ugly Beauty" debuted at #1 on the Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, and Malaysian album charts. Pretolesi did extensive mixing and mastering work on the album, including "Womxnly," along with Studio DMI engineers Scott Banks and Andy Lin.

Pretolesi took to Instagram during the awards ceremony to praise Jolin and his Studio DMI team.

Internationally known as "Taiwan’s Grammy’s," The Golden Melody Awards recognize outstanding musical achievement in the Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and Formosan-languages. This year 1,210 albums and extended play records were submitted for consideration, and the list of nominees was determined by an 81-member jury.

The 30th Golden Melody Awards were held in the country’s capital at the Taipei Arena on June 29, concluding a two-day GMA festival featuring domestic and foreign artists and bands, industry conferences and an exhibition.

The wins come just weeks after Pretolesi and Studio DMI co-founder Ronnie Lee opened their new disruptitve digital workspace in Las Vegas. Powered by Focal, Studio DMI’s new creative dojo features an artist lounge, recording room, and three digitally-defined studios complete with an integrated sound system, state-of-the-art production/recording technology, and Luca’s highly-specialized signal chain that guaranteed each track on Tsai's new album received his distinct and in-demand audible signature.

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