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The Most Integrated and Experiential Bar, Re:Match, Now Open at The LINQ Experience + Casino

The Most Integrated and Experiential Bar, Re:Match, Now Open at The LINQ Experience + Casino

Re:Match sets the stage for The LINQ’s launch of its new experiential casino space, featuring state of the art technology, interactive entertainment, and new ways for adults to play in Las Vegas *

The latest evolution of gaming and entertainment is set to debut with the opening of Re:Match at The LINQ Hotel + Experience. Enhancing the traditional casino lounge and bar experience, Re:Match features an indoor/outdoor setting directly on the famed Las Vegas Strip and is designed for guests to engage and interact with the environment. With 27 touch screens that create a cohesive underwater world, Re:Match is a first-of-its-kind marvel.

Additional features of Re:Match include:

VIRTUAL SEA LIFE: An amazing virtual world of underwater sea life including; sea turtles, stingrays, an octopus, a variety of fish and so much more can be discovered while exploring the virtual ocean display. Tap the bar top screen if you dare and encounter an overzealous shark, find the lost city of Atlantis or pose for a selfie with a camera-friendly dolphin. Be sure to open an oyster if you see one – they may contain secrets about the bar or challenge you to social media worthy moments. Your bartender is in on the fun too!

GAME MODE: Periodically, one of three games will appear at the Re:Match bar screens to challenge those seated around it to a fun competition--. save the Las Vegas Strip from an alien invasion, catch falling money from FLYLINQ riders or capture the most chicken wings in the “Sticky Chicken For President” game. One lucky participant will win a free drink for competing each time a game is played.

Re:Match is another step in a resort-wide transformation that began with the opening of The Book last fall. Caesars Entertainment is redefining the gaming experience like never before, adding state of the art technology, new ways to play, and new experiences to share with your friends.

“At The LINQ Hotel + Experience we’ve created a new gaming space by introducing never-before-seen products and games you want to play, share and experience with others--whether it’s a take on your childhood favorite or it’s a first-to-the-market,” said Christian Stuart, Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President of Gaming & Interactive Entertainment. “Since opening The Book last fall, we’ve seen proven success that guests are looking for that new definition of play-- the new experiential casino floor space and Re:Match are just that.”

Other new experiences now found at The LINQ Hotel + Experience include:

INTERACTIVE, MULTI-STAGE ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy live music, live DJ’s and live feeds of DJ’s from around the world, all playing in synchronized concert throughout The LINQ casino floor. Performances can be seen at the custom made DJ Booth at Re:Match, on the casino DJ stage and throughout the casino floor. The Entertainment Stage across from Catalyst Bar interacts with the DJ Booth to allow the live performers to play to the same beats and backgrounds, while adding their own flair

TRADITIONAL GAMING WITH A TWIST: A fan of slots? You can find all your favorite games and more, including those featuring your favorite characters from TV and film. Prefer tables games? We’ve got you covered with roulette, craps, blackjack and more—don’t miss the latest high-tech versions with LED technology next to Re:Match.

ARCADE GAMES: In the mood for nostalgia but with a modern-day twist? New versions of familiar arcade games for fun include Mario Kart, World’s Largest Pac Man, NBA Jam, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.

PULSE ARENA: Located near The Book, Pulse Arena combines Interblock’s luxury electronic gaming machines with an immersive audiovisual entertainment experience. Within the Pulse environment, players can enjoy a variety of electronic casino games either as an individual experience or play socially with friends.

SOCIAL MEDIA MOMENTS: Creating great places for our guests to capture eye-popping photos for social media posts, familiar and compelling life-size figures and props including a T-Rex from Jurassic World and Slimer from Ghostbusters are perfectly positioned near their namesake games. Also socially-inspired, discover Flip Disk near the interior entrance to FLYLINQ, eighteen Flip Disk panels interact through the use of cameras to mimic your movements while in front of the display.

New experiences coming soon to The LINQ:

DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION BY REFIK ANADOL: Among the world’s largest and most interactive environmental art installations, DATALAND: LINQ is a synthetic reality experience woven throughout the LINQ casino interior and exterior. Created by world-renowned artist Refik Anadol, his first-ever in Las Vegas, the dazzling digital art installations are displayed on a variety of digital canvases throughout the casino including LED screens, 3-dimensional LED sculptural elements, and immersive, audience-interaction zones. The overall installation is reactive and changes in a choreographed manner as guests enter the spaces, allowing visitors to be an active part of the art experience.

HOLOGRAM GAMING: Another first-of-its-kind on the Las Vegas Strip, a new gaming experience challenges you to test your luck against a hologram. Located in the center of the casino, play one of three different games:

  • Tic tac toe – play this classic game against a stone monster, futuristic robot, or even a crafty velociraptor.

  • Paper, Rock, Scissors – a new twist on an old favorite. Can you beat the computer with one hand? Both? It’s more challenging than you think!

  • Pop ‘em – Pop as many balloons as you can within the time limit, but watch out for the score-busting bombs!

All games capture a moment from the game you can share on social media with your friends.

Created by VNTANA, this is the first-ever, gesture-controlled hologram game and marks the first time that hologram gaming has been introduced in a casino. In addition to the games, don’t miss the Beat Matching Dancer Hologram that will dazzle guests with electrifying movements that move with the beat of the music and features life-sized digital dancers.

VIRTUAL REALITY: With six virtual reality bays, powered by industry-leader Survios, guests will experience the thrill of becoming superstar DJs in outer space, action heroes saving the world against enemy robots, extreme athletes in a thrilling parkour race, and pro boxers stepping in the shoes of Adonis Creed to bout against Rocky Balboa and others from the Creed Universe. Exciting titles include; Creed: Rise to Glory, Electronauts, Raw Data, Sprint Vector, and coming soon, the Walking Dead Onslaught.

ESPORTS: Powered by Alienware, discover a dedicated eSports gaming destination with 24 individual stations adjacent to the Catalyst Bar. Designed for daily game play as well as competitive gaming tournaments, each individual bay includes a specialty gaming chair, Alienware Gaming computer and monitor, and more. Experience the fun and competition of eSports, right on the LINQ gaming floor.

To find out more about Re:Match, The Book and other new additions to The LINQ Hotel + Experience, visit:

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