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Cantina Frida is a New Hacienda of Old-World Mexican Spirit in Beverly Hills

A world of handcrafted margaritas under black olive trees awaits off Beverly Drive. Welcome to Cantina Frida, an inspired new restaurant in Beverly Hills that features the old-world patio charm of colonial Mexico. This original concept by Frimex Hospitality Group evolves the established Frida Mexican Cuisine model into a complete bar and dining experience that is served alongside an extensive menu of new and shared plates, entrees, and signature drinks. Now open for lunch and dinner with a grand capacity of 180+ and a private dining space, the fiesta at Cantina Frida is in full swing.

Step inside Cantina Frida and be carried south to a Mexican patio lifted from an early-Spanish colonial era. For centuries, such courtyards have served as celebratory gathering spots for friends and family – a welcoming note recreated here by lofty organic elements, reclaimed textures, and connected spaces. Follow ‘barro negro’ tiled flooring around the first black olive tree to a brass-plated bar and golden wood and leather booths. The old-world charm curves around another tree under skylight and travels past a vast windowed kitchen and more booths, spilling into a wide dining room. Above the seats and trees, this restaurant flow is traced by an installation of white-washed reclaimed wood boards. The restaurant’s minimal palette, bright walls, and high ceilings serve to further dramatize the architecture and olive trees, establishing a sense of stepping inside to an outdoor cantina.

The shared ambiance translates to the menu, where the hospitality group introduces new shared plates and entrees alongside established Frida favorites. From their seats, diners can observe the kitchen humming to procure culinary specials that include Arrachera, Taco Roberta, and Sopes del Mar (three sopes with black beans and Fish al Pastor). The program is as welcoming as the space with a signature Vegan Taco of black beans and corn topped with pepper strings. Potent patio spirits come from the bartenders with the extensive list of tequilas and mezcals on their glowing shelves. Recommendations include the Jamaica-Me-Crazy (hibiscus reduction, tequila, chia seeds, Chareau and lemon), Frida & Diego (spicy mix, mezcal) and the BlackBerry Margarita.

This standalone Cantina Frida concept is the culmination of the decades-long culinary ambitions of founder Vicente Del Rio, a native of Mexico’s central valley. With intentional design and authentic flavors, Cantina Frida recalls distant memories of celebrating an entire culture under patio lights and olive branches.

Cantina Frida



Opening Hours:

Sun – Wed 11am to 11pm

Thu – Sat: 11am to 12pm


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