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Studio DMI Joined by David Guetta and Bruno Martini for Grand Opening Events

The year is 1999 and despite Ronnie Lee’s best efforts nobody in Las Vegas wants to hear electronic music. “I used to go club to club with vinyl trying to get DJ’s to play new tracks from Ibiza, but they weren’t having it” said Lee, Studio DMI CEO and head of European Music Market, a distribution service responsible for importing music into the United States. “I was able to expose them to a lot of great house music and some went on to play it but at the time, It was a hip-hop town and so was the U.S. as a whole.”

That was the beginning.

Over the next 20 years, the Las Vegas club scene would experience a seismic shift in main room genre and through the continued distribution of EUMM and the evolving partnership between Lee and Grammy-Winning engineer Luca Pretolesi, electronic music would find a permanent home in Las Vegas.

Now, thanks to Studio DMI, so have the creators.

Introducing the most innovative recording studio iteration to date presented by Studio DMI, the ninja-wielding mixing/mastering brand behind the global electronic music sound.

Launched recently with a special grand opening event and headlined by inaugural sessions from electronic music icons David Guetta and Bruno Martini, this cutting-edge digital workspace and production house was designed for the modern-day producer, DJ, and electronic musician.

The team, led by Grammy Award-Winning Engineer Luca Pretolesi and CEO Ronnie F. Lee, was joined by artists, sponsors, and fans for a special champagne ceremony followed by unique, behind-the-scenes tours of the new space which included a hologram artist emulating live recording sessions in the vocal booth.

Powered by Focal, Studio DMI’s new creative dojo features an artist lounge, recording room, and three digitally-defined studios complete with an integrated sound system, state-of-the-art production/recording technology, and Luca’s highly-specialized signal chain that guarantees each track receives his distinct and in-demand audible signature.

"The new Studio DMI production facility is the culmination of a lifelong dream to make music better around the globe and give electronic musicians a home in Las Vegas," said Pretolesi. The Studio DMI brand has grown exponentially since 2013 and so has our artist roster. We can't wait introduce this one-of-a-kind space to our loyal following of producers and welcome even more electronic musicians into our family."

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