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Art Duo DABSMYLA Animates Third Street Promenade for the Holidays

During the holidays, universal themes of peace and love can be found in all sorts of places... a song from a caroling choir, a tapestry of twinkling lights, and of course a 12' foot tall rotating technicolor cat. About that last one... Downtown Santa Monica, Inc, is joyfully debuting a special holiday art experience on Third Street Promenade from Australian-born, Los Angeles-inhabiting art duo DABSMYLA. During the month of December, this three-block pop-up is charming the public street with a whimsical cast of holiday characters and interactive installations that will leave spectators 'holidazed and cartooned.'

This must-see storybook backdrop is part of DTSM, Inc.'s Merry & Bright holiday programming for the Downtown Santa Monica district. According to DABSMYLA, the original designs featured along Third Street materialized during a monthlong concepting phase, and after five additional weeks of painting, the many features of the pop-up were installed over Thanksgiving weekend. Spanning the walkable stretch from Broadway north to Wilshire, the collection is highlighted by massive 3-D sets with mechanized features and giant painted prisms; the main installation (pictured above) was designed to reminsce upon vintage Neiman Marcus Christmas displays. Overall, the DABSMYLA team looked to create something bright, bold, and larger than life.

The DABSMYLA Third Street Promenade-wide holiday pop-up can be experienced through the end of December.

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