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New Client | Modernist Cuisine Gallery

Wine glasses dancing in a tempest of red, raspberries plunging through pristine water, an unsuspecting group of french fries in the path of a suspended blast of ketchup... just a small taste of sights and scenes on display from the lens of Nathan Myrhvold and the culinary lab of Modernist Cuisine.

Welcome to the first gallery in the world to focus solely on food photography by a single artist. Introducing the Modernist Cuisine Gallery, where the groundbreaking works of photographer, chef, scientist, and author Myrhvold transports beholders to the intersection of fine art, food photography, and science. Located at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, the gallery sells limited-edition prints of food photography taken by Myhrvold and found in the books he has authored.

Nathan Myhrvold has had a passion for science, cooking,and photography since he was a boy. After earning numerous doctorates, a postdoctoral period with Stephen Hawking at Cambridge, and a career alongside Bill Gates at Microsoft, he pursued several lifelong interests in photography, cooking, and food science. In 2011, Nathan founded Modernist Cuisine—an interdisciplinary team of research and development chefs, photographers, and scientists—and published the much acclaimed five-volume, 2,438-page Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. That was followed by Modernist Cuisine at Home in 2012, which applies the insights of the original book in a format designed for home cooks. In 2013, he wrote The Photography of Modernist Cuisine. The team’s upcoming book Modernist Bread goes on sale fall 2017.

Why a dedicated gallery? Almost immediately after publishing the first book, prints of the photos were in demand. As the porfolio expanded with subsequent books, the idea of the Modernist Cuisine Gallery took form, and Myhrvold appealed to Las Vegas for both its culinary and retail clout. As he muses, "where else can you find 10-foot-tall portraits of top chefs emblazoned on towering hotels, or a such a vast collective of enterprising artists who have created a vision of how to exhibit their art?"

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