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New Client | Magical Memories Disney Fine Art

No height restrictions to ride this ride! This May, Magical Memories featuring Disney Fine Art invites everyone from art collectors to young dreamers to voyage through the world of Disney Fine Art at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace with its diverse portfolio of original and limited edition, signed, and numbered fine artworks by some of the world’s most popular artists.

Magical Memories is a groundbreaking fine art venue that aims to bring canvas to life with audio/visual special effects. Styled as a 1950’s sound stage from Golden Era of animation and filmmaking, Magical Memories Featuring Disney Fine Art reconnects a fantastical memory for all, and through opening and beyond, become evermore as animated as its artist’s subjects.

Dedicated to Disney Fine Art, each artist brings a unique interpretation and perspective to beloved scenes and subjects from Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation, and The Muppets. The gallery also features a wide selection of new and vintage Disney and other animation studios collectibles and publications, and soon the gallery expects to add a series of sculptures and artisanal furniture. Expect pieces from notable Disney Fine Art artists such as Trevor Carlton, James Coleman, Stephen Fishwick, Manuel Hernandez, Tennessee Loveless, James C. Mulligan, Tim Rogerson, Michelle St. Laurent, Jim Salvati, as well as Disney Legends Peter Ellenshaw and Paige O'Hara.

For art lovers, wide-eyed children, and everyone in between (ourselves included), Magical Memories takes the art gallery experience to enchanted realms. Fortunately, there’s no theme park line to enjoy this spectacle!

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