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New Client | Hotel Erwin

Whether it's the birth of skate culture, the iconic muscle beach, or just its notorious "anything-goes" attitude; Venice Beach has always been an icon of American subculture. It's a unique combination of seaside beauty, urban energy, and people who aren't afraid to express themselves. In 1975, Erwin Sokol realized his vision for a hotel intrinsic to this Venice Beach culture. Four decades later and many months in the making, Hotel Erwin unveils its room and suite remodel inspired by eras past and its longstanding owner, and the expression is unmistakably Venice. We're thrilled to get the word out.

Each of the 33 suites and 86 guestrooms have been artfully designed and updated to evoke a sense of soul for the boho beach community. With the remodel, Hotel Erwin is adding another vibrant layer to its beachfront place in history off Pacific Avenue overlooking the worldly Venice Boardwalk. The colors and furniture invite guests to travel through Venice’s many celebrated movements from the 50s, 60s, and 70s while bringing a modern and contemporary sensibility to the hotel.

Over the following summer months, more exciting changes are queued up for Hotel Erwin’s social spaces and F+B programs as the property continues it’s run as a beacon for all types of impassioned travelers and Venice Beach’s heart of hospitality. Ride with us!

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