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New Client | Ozu East Kitchen

East meets Eastside in Atwater Village with the opening of Ozu East Kitchen! Going above and beyond the ramen bowl (make no mistake – the ramen is sensational!), owner and film producer Paul Yi tapped JWA to introduce the restaurant to LA's dining media machine.

Locate the yellow 'O' off Glendale Boulevard and vibe with the intersecting geometry of lighting that hangs like a pixelated starry night, illuminating walnut fashioned 'bento bench' tables and seating below. Ozu charges the upcoming Atwater neighborhood with cutting design, eclectic beer and wine

, and a roaming selection of Eastern comfort dishes adapted for the Californian palette. Soft-opened since Dec. 18th, the restaurant is a vision realized by Yi, a 17-year eastside resident whose food affair was first ignited over spicy thai curry while slumming at a beach side resort in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. After many such traveled years, his culinary inspirations have landed off Glendale Boulevard, collectively answering a demand for great ramen and more on LA's Eastside.


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