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Michael's Santa Monica


When Michael McCarty opened his Santa Monica restaurant 35 years ago, little did he know his name would become synonymous with the farm-to-table and California cuisine movements.

After years of serving his loyal guests, McCarty realized it was time to shine some new light on the restaurant with a transformed menu, a more casual ambience and a greater emphasis on today’s best cocktails. Keeping the focus on the iconic patio, but giving patrons what they wanted - a less formal, more expansive dining experience.


JWA was enlisted to communicate the new spirit and offerings of Michael’s famed restaurant. The plan included PR, community outreach, new neighborhood focused marketing initiatives and a PR re-introduction to the old-guard food critics while targeting a new generation of media that would discover Michael’s for the first time!




In An ambitious media dinner featuring 20 of today’s influential, interesting and diverse food/cocktail bloggers set center stage on Michael’s famed Patio. A family-style dinner hosted by Michael McCarty himself initiated a new generation of food media players to a one-of-a-kind dining experience and a night that truly presented the secret to the myth of Michael’s - it was Michael McCarty himself (along with a menu that seamlessly blended old and new Michael’s classics.

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