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What does it take to shake up the world of food photography? Custom camera rigs, trap doors, ketchup-catapults, and robots for one; but the true art of Nathan Myhrvold’s disruptive food photography lies within the world-renowned chef, scientist, author, and photographer’s unique vision to see the world of food through an entirely different aperture.

“When I decided about a decade ago to create a cookbook, I saw an exciting opportunity to do something new in food photography," said Myhrvold, the 2018 James Beard Cookbook Award winner for Modernist Bread; “to portray food in new and unexpected ways that simultaneously draw readers in and illustrate the science at work.”

With 90 food-focused images now on display, and for sale at Modernist Cuisine Gallery in Las Vegas and New Orleans, Nathan has his viewfinder set on a more specific subject - the food and beverage culture of the cities in which his galleries reside, and he refuses to come up short on authenticity.

This NEW cocktail collection pays homage to some of the most iconic party drinks with many of the scenes set to evoke a truly 'spirited' sensation. Myhrvold used innovative photography techniques and custom-built equipment, including brand new robots, to capture these intoxicating images of classic cocktails.

Here's a first-look at these seven potent shots - served straight and with a twist.

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